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The Business of Being a Notary or Solicitor-Partner

The A. operator; Finding, Minding and Grinding


The business of being a Notary or Solicitor-Partner is central to all our continuing professional development programs.  Even in this e-everything, forever-connected, 24/7 day and age, business follows centuries-old traditions based round the value proposition or barter system.

The principles are the same, it is just the delivery methods that change with the times; business, has and always will, need the finders, the minders and the grinders


With less than 800 practitioners, notaries public are in a unique and privileged position in that clients, if they need document notarised, must find a notary. The client finds you!

However, in my opinion, many notaries vastly underestimate the amount of work available to them, and the distances that clients are prepared to travel to receive the ‘right’ service

The A. notary, the A stands for ambitious, is proactive, not only s/he is aware of the look and tone of their website, but s/he engages with the Internet at large, is aware that image is very important and that there is still a place for off-line marketing; simple ways to ask for (and get) the business.

If you want to know how, contact Lisa Preuveneers

This is the administration and compliance aspects of the business.  Central to Law Consultancy Services seminars and workshops is systematic, built-in compliance based around the much-heralded LCS Client Registration Form.  This year, the form is presented in a revised format to meet with the new General Data Protection Regulations that come into force in May 2018. Administrative aspects of the business include record-keeping, cyber security and the secure storage of documents.

The A. notary has at the heart of the business, built in systematic compliance and client care.


The daily operations; greeting the client, taking instructions, due diligence, drafting, legalisation considerations, binding, presentation, communicating progress to the client, delivering the documents and finally, document storage.

The A. notary uses superior communication strategies, knows how to deal with difficult personalities and how to control situations to get the required outcome.

What our delegates say...

  • “First a thoroughly good tutorial and lots to think about and interesting people. Could I bother you to send your client information form to me as well?”
  • “Thank you for the course this morning. Being a notary is becoming more onerous every day! Due to the open discussion it is the first Notary CPD course I have enjoyed. “

What we say...

The number of notaries that use our Client Registration Form must now run into three figures, the form has withstood many notarial inspections and has found much favour.
The principles and suggestions put forward in LCS’s seminars and workshops are based on tried and trusted methods in everyday use in the successful operation of one of London’s busiest notarial firms

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