Welcome to Law Consultancy Services! See other courses offered under our "Services" page.
Welcome to Law Consultancy Services! See other courses offered under our "Services" page.

Book Club

We at LCS, love educational & informative books

Continuous Learning for Lawyers and their Staff:

One way to up-end the competitive level playing field created by the internet, is by learning new skills and gaining knowledge on an on-going basis – often termed continuous learning.

Continuous learning can come in many forms – self-study, coaching, mentoring programmes, attending seminars or courses – all of which will undoubtedly benefit your firm.

Successful law firms know that creating a learning culture within the firm is an effective way to improve performance, employee satisfaction and retention; and here’s why:

It is cost effective – investing in the development of employees is less expensive than rehiring and retraining new employees.
It shows that employees are valued – the support of continuous learning indicates that employees are worth the investment and that you are genuine about employee career development.
Knowledge is power – the more employees know and the more they can do, the more they can contribute

We, at LCS, can help – book now onto one of our programmes.

Love Business Books?

We do! To keep up to the minute with the global best-of-management thinking, we use getAbstract.

This wonderful source of knowledge, combined with our own practical  experience, enables us to solve the everyday problems encountered by owners, staff, and clients of law firms. 

And, as members of CSNetBookClub we get to meet many UK-based, business book authors.

If you need to need to keep up to date with the latest non-fiction thinking, but don’t have the time to buy – let alone read – all the great  books and magazine features available, we may have a solution for you!

In just 10 minutes, you can learn something new, keep up to date with the world, find out how others have overcome similar challenges and  how to make things happen


By signing up to getAbstract and being able to absorb a whole book in just 10 minutes.

getAbstract expertly compresses critical business knowledge and produces summaries. Summaries of the latest top business books, articles, and video talks; all written in a format that you can absorb easily and quickly. It helps you make smarter decisions; it provides expert advice fast via succinct summaries of the latest thinking and methods

Enjoy and benefit from the wisdom from over 20,000 text and audio summaries in areas such as leadership, finance, innovation, health, and science.

Get expert advice fast by consulting getAbstract’s curated summaries on the topic and JOIN NOW!

Enjoy reading business books? Join our book club!

As a founding member of CSNetBookClub , LisaPru has had the opportunity to meet many of the authors. Unfortunately, since March 2020 the meetings have taken place over Zoom.

One such meeting was with Mary Gregory, author of “Ego: Get Over Yourself and Lead”. If it is your job to persuade others to do things differently, this book is definitely for you; read Lisa’s full review at CSNetBookClub.

Lisa produces independent reviews from time to time. Find more info here: https://www.researchgate.net/scientific-contributions/Lisa-Preuveneers-2030789142