Lisa Preuveneers

Dear Notary,

Since the introduction of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) for Notaries 7 years ago, I have been conducting small-group, boardroom style seminars.  This style of seminar facilitates interactive discussion and also enables notaries to learn from the experiences of other notaries.

I have recently introduced distance learning programmes based on those discussions, as well as my own experiences with members of the MyNotary Network. I am not a notary myself, however I spend around 50 hours a month as a business consultant to notaries – mostly in central London.

‘Business’ includes compliance and efficiency as well as marketing and strategic planning. I believe to be compliant (doing the right thing first time) is to be efficient. This philosophy is reflected in my “Notaries Now” programmes – also available in distant learning format.

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Best Wishes

Lisa Preuveneers MBA

What's offered?

  • Accredited Continuing Professional Education
  • General practical operational help:

    Client Registration Form with built-in compliance, Data Protection and Consent Forms, Master Client Register formatted in Excel

  • A be-found-on-the-web marketing service via the MyNotary Network – associate or Premium Plus membership options

For law firms: we make websites; either from scratch or we can re-engineer your existing website to get more traffic!
We add keywords, systematic designs and, most importantly of all, we make them mobile-friendly.

Other forms of contact

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