Distance Learning

For notaries who prefer to work through their continuing professional education in their own time, two distance learning programmes are available.

We provide you with detailed written notes; you just won’t have the fun of the interactive chat with fellow notaries!

To keep costs down, the notes are sent out by email together with the compulsory questionnaire for you to complete and return in order to get a PASS certificate. If you prefer to receive the notes in hard copy, please add an extra £20 to your order.

Our two programmes cover the same topics as the seminars:

Notaries Now: Reports, Rules, Regulations, Record Keeping and Being a Supervisor – (3 hours accreditation). This programme consists of 61 pages of written notes and includes a sample ‘Client Registration Form’ in Word format.

“Drafting Notarial Certificates for Unusual Documents and Aspects of Legalisation and Presentation”– (in distance learning format, just 2 accredited hours)

This programme consists of 30 pages of written notes and includes a 22-minute video featuring Lisa Preuveneers in conversation with Peter Casinhas, the chief legalisation clerk for Notary Co UK. The video starts in discussing documents for the Philippines; we consider how to securely bind a very large number of papers in a way acceptable to both the FCO and the Philippine embassy.  This leads on to the mention of the use of staples! We discuss preparing documents to be legalised at the Chinese embassy (what the procedure is if there is a discrepancy between the name on the passport and the name on any of the documents), we consider documents for the UAE and again talk about academic certificates.

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