Welcome to Law Consultancy Services! See other courses offered under our "Services" page.
Welcome to Law Consultancy Services! See other courses offered under our "Services" page.

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Services for Notaries

Lisa Preuveneers



Law Consultancy Services (LCS) is a boutique consultancy company owned and managed by Lisa Preuveneers. Lisa has worked with and for Notaries since 2004.

Services for Notaries

  • Accredited Continuous Professional Education CPE
  • Special CPE events
  • Qualifying Continuous Professional Education CPE
  • General management training in all aspects of ‘The Business of being a Notary’
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Strategic planning consultancy
  • Increasing online presence via The MyNotary Network

Since it was first introduced in 2011, Law Consultancy Services has provided accredited Continuous Professional Education (CPE): mostly in face-to-face seminar format, but also in distance learning format.

Notaries are required to undertake six hours of study each year with 1 CPE point awarded for each hour of study.  Three of the six hours must be ‘accredited’ the professional regulator – The Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury.  From 1st November 2021 Notarial rules were changed to include that notaries must include anti money laundering training. We have created a course to cover all the information needed.

Evidence of completion must be supplied to the Faculty Office at Practicing Certificate renewal time.

SEMINAR: ​Face to face in London, Birmingham, Bristol and near Gatwick


Seminar dates in central London:

17th May 

26th May

14th September

28th September

8th October

 17th October

Seminar in Birmingham: 13th September | in Bristol: 9th June | near Gatwick: 6th  October


A selection of subjects are covered, including:

Topics covered include:

  • Notaries Now: External Forces,
  • Documents for China
  • Anti-Money Laundering
Timings and cost?

Notaries can book a morning or afternoon session or stay all day. A light lunch and detailed written notes are provided.

The morning programme is accredited for 3 hours. From 9.30 a.m. –  12.45 p.m. Cost: £160

The afternoon  non-accredited programme runs from 1.30 to 4.30 and covers ‘the Business of Being a Notary’. Cost: £165

The cost to attend all day is £295


We have the following topics on offer, each accredited by the Faculty Office.  Each are available in printed or digital (£55) format:


A hybrid version of delivering training to suit those that can’t or don’t want to travel but prefer face-to-face meetings in the company of their peers. ​​Written study notes are sent to you in advance of a Zoom meeting. Numbers are limited per Zoom meeting.

We will be arranging online sessions in the following topics:

  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • Notaries Now: External Forces

Please contact us to register interest. The cost per connection is £55


Use our simple e-commerce order process to order your selected programmes in digital format and pay online.


There are under 800 notaries public operating in England and Wales, most are independent, working on their own, often without business support. Having someone knowledgeable to turn to from time-to-time can be very reassuring.  Perhaps a coach.

A coach is someone who provides guidance on day-to-day difficulties.  Coaching is often short-term, delivered within 10 – or 15-minute conversations.  When difficulties arise and answers are sought, the coach will ask (the right) questions, giving the coachee time to reflect.


Ambitious notaries can benefit from the services of a management consultant.  Management consultants focus on people (clients and influencers) and the less quantifiable parts of the business (for example, vision, strategic objectives, forward planning, expansion, and growth).

We, at LCS, have just the expertise and experience you need. Read more.

Our services start with a no-cost exploratory telephone or Zoom conversation.  This is followed with a chargeable, no-obligation-to-proceed,  initial face-to-face meeting to establish how we can help and what outcomes are desired.  

Contact Lisa directly  – by email to lisa@lawconsultancyservices.co.uk or on 07801 947 298 to enquire further. 

If you are unsure or want to find out more, book onto one of our standard – ‘The Business of Being a Notary’ – courses.  

Delivered :

In small group ½ day seminar format
(Dates arrange for LONDON, BRISTOL, BIRMINGHAM, and near GATWICK)
face-to-face workshops at our studio in Belgrave Road, London SW1
by Zoom in 1-hour slots
by regular mailings to members of the MyNotary Network

Accredited training

Continuing Professional Education for Notaries Public since 2011 – in-person and remotely. And ‘The Business of being a Notary’ workshops.

Challenging old

With changing times, we aim to not only keep up to date but also be forward thinking – both strategically and creatively.

Lateral Thinking

Many years of experience has given us a competitive edge at helping notaries and small and mid-sized law firms perform their best.