LONDON – WORKSHOP – Drafting and Notaries Now – 13th June 2019 – 3 CPE POINTS


Training studio in Belgrave Road, London SW1.

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* Workshop – Training workshops for the notary public: this takes place at:

Training studio in Belgrave Road, London SW1.

DATE: 13th June 2019

TIME: Starts at 9.50am – 13.10pm



Learning objectives

  • A review of the role and nature of notarial certificates and some drafting suggestions for unusual transactions.
  • For notaries to be reminded of, and how to fulfil, their obligation to advise clients as to the possible need for legalisation; and whether the country concerned would normally require legalisation of the notary’s signature and seal.

Content includes:

Drafting Notarial Certificates for Unusual Documents

  • The Notarial Certificate
  • Preparing the notarial certificate
  • Example scenarios and some sample texts

Legalisation and Document Presentation

Detailed written notes are provided to take away