LONDON – SEMINAR – Notaries Now: Reports, Rules, Regulations, Record Keeping and Being a Supervisor – 15th May 2019 – 3 CPE POINTS


Training studio in Belgrave Road, London SW1.

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* Table – Training workshops for the notary public: this takes place at:

Training studio in Belgrave Road, London SW1.

DATE: 15th May 2019

TIME: Starts at 13.45pm – 17.00pm

Learning objectives

For notaries to be refreshed and updated with the profession’s latest news, governing rules and regulations, practical record keeping strategies and to understand the role of being a notarial supervisor

Content includes:

  • Matters arising from, and reflections on, the Master’s latest address to the Notaries Society annual conference
  • An awareness recent new polices for example
    • Whistleblowing Policy
    • Notaries Assurance Policy (Risk Assessment and Supervision)
  • A discussion of the proposed new “Notary Notaries Practice Rules 2019” and the proposed amendments to “The Supervision of Newly Qualified Notaries” and “Notaries (Conduct & Discipline) Rules 2015”
  • A discussion of the proposed “NOTARIES (AUTHORISATION OF NOTARIAL PRACTICES) RULES” in relation to entity regulation
  • Service transparency and a discussion of consumer surveys and obtaining client feedback
  • A reminder of the Code of Practice
  • Record keeping; a review of “Notaries Practice Rules 2014 (as amended July 2017)” PART III: Record and Inspections – paragraphs 23 to 25. With particular reference to the comments made in the latest Inspectors’ report.
  • The ‘Master Client Register’
  • Any appropriate updates in connection with GDPR and anti-money laundering guidance