Notaries Now: Regulation and Compliance 2021


Notaries Now: Regulation and Compliance 2021

This year, we have divided our usual round up of what’s new with regard to professional and external regulation and other  trending issues or concerns that may affect notaries generally, into two parts.

If you ever wondered how your Practising Certificate fees are spent, this 1½ hour accredited CPE  programme should shed some light.  We take an independent, in-depth trawl though the new-look Faculty Office web site as it has adjusted to the Legal Services Board’s demands-for-transparency.  Of course, you don’t have to buy this programme to discover this information for yourself. BUT we have read it all, so you don’t have to!  We save you time; our concisely presented notes clearly display how the content is structured and we guide you to where the topics of interest to you may be found.

We pull out snippets – rules and guidance surrounding remote notarisation –  and discover what goes on behind previously closed doors.  Meeting agendas, minutes and supporting papers from the regular Council Meetings and meetings of the Advisory Board are now all available for scrutiny.  AND, breaking news, we have the inside track on the new remote notarial inspection process.

We discuss proposed reforms to Companies House and the findings of Professor Steven Mayson’s final report “Reforming Legal Services”.