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Notaries Now: Practical Matters 2021


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Notaries Now: Practical Matters 2021 This year, we have divided  our Notaries Now program into accredited and non- accredited sections.  This non- accredited section forms part of our coaching and mentoring program – ‘The Business of being a Notary’.  Here we focus on cyber security and data protection. The notarial profession is small, but, with diverse needs.  Whether you are a parttime notary working from home, or as a fulltime solicitor-notary,   or  – as a full-time notary employing assistants – we cover the bases. Our mantra – People and Systems – is important when it comes to protecting client data. In this programme, we show you how to help prevent your computer getting a virus, we talk about the ghastly prospect of being exposed to ransomware and how to ring-fence notarial data from other people or system  users.  And we touch on using Office 365 with its inbuilt cloud data storage facility and GDPR 2 years on post Brexit.