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Notaries Now: Data Protection and Cyber Security 2021


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Notaries Now: Data Protection and Cyber Security 2021  accredited for 1½ hours .  With just over 700 notaries, the notarial profession is small, but diverse, particularly when it comes to Data Protection and Security.  In its Code of Practice, the Faculty Office states “….You have a transparent data protection policy appropriate to the nature and size of your notarial practice”.  We take a close look as we review the various options open to notaries to meet their SECURITY and  POLICY obligations.

We look at the General Data Protection Regulation, now known as  UK- GDPR;  we discuss the  confusion over the  roles of data controller and data processor and review published processing terms agreements – many of which  impose almost unmeetable conditions that the issuing notaries themselves  (almost certainly) fall short of.

Non-accredited but qualifying for CPE Bonus Content: Could my data be held to ransom? What basic precautions may be taken to protect client data from external cyber threats and internal people mismanagement.  Windows 10 –  some great little-know extra features… Microsoft Office has moved on… Is my computer system secure? One way to find out ….