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Notarising Documents for Bulgaria


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Notarising Documents for Bulgaria
During the property boom of the early part of the 21st century, many clients purchased land, or apartments with a share of the freehold, often  via a company structure.  It seems now there is a market to sell off-the-shelf Bulgarian registered companies!

In this accredited CPE  programme – consisting of written notes and  an online video presentation – Lisa Pru talks to Petar Markov the Business Development Manager for GlobalLawExperts based in Bulgaria.  “We talk about the legal process for UK nationals buying and selling  real estate in Bulgaria – types of real estate; land and apartments with common parts – and title structure i.e. in person or as Limited liability company. We answer the FAQ ‘should I make a separate Bulgarian Will?’. And we briefly touch on Bulgarian residency”. 

BONUS CONTENT: Included is a separate 5-page client ‘hand-out’ that contains information deemed useful to people thinking of spending more time in Bulgaria.