Protect your Intellectual Property


What notaries need to know about Intellectual Property

 Although  it is not part of the notary’s remit to advise, it can be interesting and helpful to have some  background knowledge to the matter at hand.

In this programme we look at what constitutes Intellectual Property  – some questions and observations are included to help you ensure that the person in front of you understands what they are signing – and the scope, and the possible ramifications of the document . The programme includes links to an online interview with Mark Lello, notary public and expert IP lawyer, as he kindly shares his expertise.

Contents of the detailed written notes supplied: –

  • What are, and what counts as,  intellectual property rights
  • Types of IP protection and examples of infringement
  • The Differences Between Copyright, Patent and Trademark
  • More general information about Trademarks, Patents, Proprietary Information and Trade Secrets
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) Why might you need one?  What is and is not included.
  • Specific issues relating to software development and technology industries
  • Out of Interest…