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SUSSEX – SEMINAR – Special 10th October 2019 – 6 CPE POINTS


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* Seminar – Training workshops for the notary public: this takes place at:

Address: Copthorne Way Copthorne, Crawley, RH10 3PG – Phone: 01342 348800

DATE: 10th October 2019

TIME: Starts at 9.30am – 16.30pm


Learning objectives

  • A review of the role and nature of notarial certificates and some drafting suggestions for unusual transactions.
  • For notaries to be reminded of, and how to fulfil, their obligation to advise clients as to the possible need for legalisation; and whether the country concerned would normally require legalisation of the notary’s signature and seal.

Content includes:

Drafting Notarial Certificates for Unusual Documents,Download full content list here

  • The Notarial Certificate
  • Preparing the notarial certificate
  • Example scenarios and some sample texts

Legalisation and Document Presentation

Detailed written notes are provided to take away

“Notaries Now: Reports, Rules, Regulations, Record Keeping and Being a Supervisor” three hours’ accreditation

Learning objectives

For notaries to be refreshed and updated with the profession’s latest news, governing rules and regulations, practical record keeping strategies and to understand the role of being a notarial supervisor

Content includes:

  • Matters arising from, and reflections on, the Master’s latest address to the Notaries Society annual conference
  • An awareness recent new polices for example
    • Whistleblowing Policy
    • Notaries Assurance Policy (Risk Assessment and Supervision)
  • A discussion of the proposed new “Notary Notaries Practice Rules 2019” and the proposed amendments to “The Supervision of Newly Qualified Notaries” and “Notaries (Conduct & Discipline) Rules 2015”
  • A discussion of the proposed “NOTARIES (AUTHORISATION OF NOTARIAL PRACTICES) RULES” in relation to entity regulation
  • Service transparency and a discussion of consumer surveys and obtaining client feedback
  • A reminder of the Code of Practice
  • Record keeping; a review of “Notaries Practice Rules 2014 (as amended July 2017)” PART III: Record and Inspections – paragraphs 23 to 25. With particular reference to the comments made in the latest Inspectors’ report.
  • The ‘Master Client Register’
  • Any appropriate updates in connection with GDPR and anti-money laundering guidance
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