Topics for 2019

CPEThe Continuing Professional Education topics for 2019 are presented:

  • As boardroom-style seminars; up to 12 delegates. Attend the morning or afternoon session or stay  all-day 
  • Distance learning: delivered by email or in hard copy through the post. 
  • Workshop learning at our London SW1 studio; the maximum number of delegates is 4. 

“Drafting Notarial Certificates for Unusual Documents and Aspects of Legalisation and Presentation” – (3 hour accreditation) 

Learning objectives 

  • A review of the role and nature of notarial certificates and some drafting suggestions for unusual transactions. 
  • For notaries to be reminded of, and how to fulfil, their obligation to advise clients as to the possible need for legalisation; and whether the country concerned would normally require legalisation of the notary’s signature and seal. 

Content includes: 

Drafting Notarial Certificates for Unusual Documents 

  • The Notarial Certificate 
  • Preparing the notarial certificate 
  • Example scenarios and some sample texts 

Legalisation and Document Presentation 

  • The notary’s obligation 
  • The notary’s service options 
  • Why are some documents rejected for FCO legalisation? 
  • Academic certificates 
  • Preparing documents for consular legalisation, China, UAE 
  • Using legalisation agents 

Detailed written notes are provided to take away 

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Notaries Now: Reports, Rules, Regulations, Record Keeping and Being a Supervisor – (3 hours accreditation) 

Learning objectives 

  • For notaries to be refreshed and updated with the profession’s latest news, governing rules and regulations, practical record keeping strategies and to understand the role of being a notarial supervisor 
  • This programme now includes ‘How to Develop a Risk Assessment Policy’.  

Detailed written notes are provided; topics for discussion include: 

NOTARIES NOW: Introduction 

  • Faculty Office Reports for Notaries 
  • Consultations
  • The Code of Practice
  • Faculty Office; Public-Facing Notices
  • Notarial Inspections
  • Practical Compliance Suggestions:
  • The Supervision of Newly Qualified Notaries
  • Risk Assessment 

Bonus Content 

  • The Bigger Picture 
  • An independent review of legal service regulation
  • Now is not the time to rewrite Legal Services Act says Law Society
  • Author’s Editorial Comment
  • Legal Choices: Advice for Consumers
  • Transparency and (even more) Feedback 

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